Emrons Eros                                                                                  Lermyrens Candy Crush

IMG_3391  Candy171013


Lermyrens "kärlekskull"




SeVCH RLD N,F,A Uppfl lägrespår, 

1:pris lydnadskl 1

Lermyrens Candy Crush


Conovers Wild Winchester

Almanza Billy The Kid
Conovers Speedy Bream
Decoroues Quality Quail Reltub Black Velvet
Conovers Decorous Yes

Se VCH, Utst ÖKL Cert

Emrons Eros

Comics Storm in Blue Inkwells Truly Yours
Comics New Blue Creation
Minings Hills Light As  Aluminum Almanza Quick Acces
Beauty Nights Name of The Game

                                                                                  Eros1 (2)

Lermyrrens Love Me To The Moon "Loka`"

Lermyrens Love Me Im Your Sunshine "Ines"

Lermyrens Love Im your Stardust "Vega"

Lermyrens Love Me Like I Do "Ludde"

Lermyrens Love Me Myself And I "Tarzan"

Lermyrenss Love Me Now And Forever "Tjalle"

Lermyrens Love Me Now Or Never "Elvis"

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